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Expectations for Local Governing Bodies (LGB)

The local governing body (LGB) will play a crucial role in both supporting and challenging the Academy through their role as critical friend to the senior leadership team. Governing bodies that are able to fulfil this role are a vital component in demonstrating the effective leadership of the Academy and through their work governors must know if all the pupils at the Academy are making progress at least at the level that is expected of them.

The local governing body will be supported and developed by Castle Trust to ensure that governance is judged to be at least good by Ofsted. Evidence clearly shows where governance is strong, standards of attainment are likely to be higher because pupils are well-known and supported to be their best, the quality of teaching is a constant focus of attention, and the leadership of the academy is held to account for the performance and well-being of the children at the academy.

Castle Trust is fully committed to the development of effective governance through local governing bodies, providing training to assist governors in meeting our expectations. In addition and where applicable, additional governors will be sought to add to the expertise of the governing body of any particular Academy.

Discussion will take place with the existing school governing body on the right membership, size and structure for the new academy local governing body as part of the joining process.  If the Academy is deemed to be at risk of failing its pupils as judged in anticipation of or as a result of an Ofsted inspection then the Trust, as part of its responsibility to take action, may exercise the right to reconstitute the governing body and appoint the majority of its members to ensure that the apparent weaknesses can be effectively addressed. This responsibility would previously have been that of the Local Authority.

  • The LGB, within the Trust’s vision, sets the strategic direction of the Academy and has a central and significant role in its leadership.
  • The Chair plays a significant role, providing a lead to other members, is a critical factor in the overall effectiveness of the LGB
  • Governors hold a shared vision for the Academy which is clear, understood and well communicated to staff, parents/carers and pupils, also reflecting the fundamental values and objectives of Castle Trust.
  • Governors have a clear understanding of the strengths and strategic priorities for the Academy and ensure an appropriate plan is in place and implemented effectively.
  • Governors engage effectively with parents/carers, pupils and staff and are well informed about their views and use this to inform strategic priorities for development planning.
  • Governors ensure that all statutory requirements and responsibilities are met and that well developed procedures are in place to ensure the health, safety and well-being of staff, pupils and visitors
  • Governors are confident in providing high levels of professional challenge to hold the Principal/Headteacher/Head of School to account.
  • The LGB successfully focuses on raising standards and promoting the personal development and well-being of all learners. Governors ensure that Academy targets are both achievable and sufficiently challenging to lead to sustainable improvement.
  • The LGB understands the Academy’s performance data and has an accurate overview of how well all pupils are achieving in relation to their potential and in relation to other schools, as well as how different groups of pupils within the Academy are performing.
  • The LGB has a good understanding of the quality of provision within the Academy and how its performance compares locally and nationally.
  • Governors have a good understanding of the barriers to learning, including attendance and behaviour issues, and what the Academy is doing to overcome these.
  • Governors are fully and systematically involved in the evaluation process, keeping the work of the Academy under review and acting upon their findings.
  • The LGB adopts a rigorous approach to the self-review of its own skills and performance. This includes a plan for improvement and the commitment as individuals and as a group to improvement.