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Castle Trust

Castle Trust

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Governance Structure

The following explains how our Membership, Board and LGBs are constituted.  The numbers refer to the specific Articles that refer to each appointment.  Please click here to view our full Articles of Association.  For our current governance structure diagram, please see below.


The signatories to the Memorandum (Art 12A)
Chair of Castle Trust Board (Art 12B)
Any other person appointed by the members collectively (Art 16)
Up to two non-voting members appointed in an advisory role (Art 19)


Not less than 3 directors (Art 45)
Up to 6 directors appointed by members (Art 50)
CEO, Castle Trust (Art 46B)
2 parent directors, unless there are LGBs that include at least 2 parent members (Art 46C, Arts 53-56D)
Up to 5 principals appointed as Directors (Art 51)
Up to 5 LBG Chairs appointed as Directors (Art 52)
Up to 3 co-opted Directors (Art 58)

Audit Committee

At least 4 directors appointed by Castle Trust, excluding the CEO and CFO

Local Governing Body

Principal (ex officio)
Head(s) of School (ex officio)
Up to 1 staff governor (elected by staff)
No fewer than 2 parent governors (elected by parents)
Up to 1 community governor appointed by the LGB with approval of the Directors
Up to 4 Trust Governors appointed by the Directors