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Castle Trust

Castle Trust

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Our Ethos

  • As a vibrant learning community, our schools actively pursue together the same outstanding outcomes for all pupils
  • All pupils engage positively as learners  with an exciting, rich, demanding,  practical curriculum
  • All pupils excel in the extended  curriculum including PE, MFL , music, enrichment and competitive activities
  • Pupils understand their role and responsibilities  as learners, British and  global citizens including keeping themselves safe
  • Pupils and teachers learn together in outstanding environments
  • Schools work in partnership together, engaging in action research to develop outstanding pedagogy
  • Resources are shared and best value for money is achieved across the trust
  • All staff continuously develop professional understanding and skills throughout their careers across the Trust schools.
  • The schools act as community learning hubs , enriching learning opportunities  beyond  the school day.

Castle Trust’s commitment to its pupils

  • All pupils will attend a good or better school, achieving outstanding outcomes for all pupils in its care
  • All pupils are challenged and supported to achieve the best possible progress, through quality-first teaching and learning
  • All pupils engage in a vibrant, exciting curriculum, reflecting their local culture and history and supports their understanding of their place in the wider world
  • All pupils are challenged and supported, becoming resilient, reflective, life-long learners with skills and knowledge for the 21st century
  • Remove barriers to learning wherever possible
  • All pupils respect and engage in their learning community, developing skills which keep them safe and supports their social, moral and spiritual development, including understanding their place in modern Britain, free from radicalization and extremism.

Castle Trust’s commitment to its staff

  • All staff will have access to high-quality professional and subject knowledge development, ensuring they continuously develop throughout their teaching career as outstanding practitioners
  • All staff will have equal opportunities within the Trust for career support and development

Castle Trust’s commitment to its partners

  • Good or better schools may retain their local character and uniqueness
  • Good or better schools within the partnership will have delegated authority to its local governing body
  • Economies of scale will be actively sought to ensure best value for money for pupils is achieved across all the Trust’s schools
  • Partners are supported with school improvement, using peer review
  • Partners will have equal opportunity in the development of their school
  • Partners are supported by efficient and cost effective financial and ICT systems