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Castle Trust

Castle Trust

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Our Local Advisory Committees

Our Local Advisory Committees (LACs) play an important role in the governance of our academies, which is focused at the local level and closest to the impact of decision-making. Each LAC provides scrutiny against its Academy's key performance indicators, as set in the School Improvement Plan, and acts as a critical friend to the Headteacher(s) and the Academy Leadership Team, providing challenge where appropriate and triangulating knowledge obtained from data and reports during meetings with evidence within the Academy during Governor Visits.

The LACs carry out their functions in relation to their respective Academy on behalf of the Trust Board (the Board) and in accordance with policies determined by the Board. The LACs implement advice or recommendations made by the Board and the Executive Team in respect of standards and performance, particularly where areas of weakness have been identified (either internally within the Trust or by external bodies such as Ofsted).

The LACs have delegated responsibilities and tasks, which are set out in the Trust's Scheme of Delegation and within the LAC Constitution and Terms of Reference.  Both documents can be found on the How the Trust is Governed page.  Details of LAC membership, interests/related party transactions and meeting attendance can be found on the relevant school's website (see Our Schools above).